Set yourself up with Kat — a mixtape genius turned UX designer. Who else’ll have the curation expertise and true patience to design a swoon-worthy web experience?


Featured areas of expertise:



Offering up your love in a cute plastic cassette is no easy feat. You’ll get to know a special someone and finally decide to make a move. But before you do, you’ll need to really understand their interests — what makes them tick, grabs their attention, drives them to press play. It’s the same in UX design; just named differently:

  • Information architecture

  • User flows

  • Usability testing

Kat uses these types of tools to design intuitive web experiences.



Having mastered the pause+record button combo, seamless transitions and emotionally-driven curation are absolute gold. So, you won’t hear any dead air around here.

It’s a skill Kat cultivated in the ‘90s and now applies to:

  • Brand guidelines

  • Content direction

  • Research and analysis

  • Project roadmapping



And then, there’s the aesthetics of your creation. Like a great label doodle, brands and projects really stand out with established design choices. Kat tends to favor (and deliver) well-researched:

  • Style guides

  • User interfaces (UI)

  • Digital assets


Simple pricing:

a throwback to be fond of


Single campaign

One deliverable. Single project request + one round of edits.


Ongoing Support

Monthly retainer. Up to 10 project requests per month. Edits turned around in < two days.